History of Calvary

Imagine seven people, a living room, and a Bible. This was the start of Calvary Fellowship in Miami Lakes in the year 2000.

It was a small group with big dreams wondering what God might do. God had touched the heart of Pastor Bob Franquiz to leave his position at Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale and venture out into unknown territory to follow God’s leading.

Pastor Bob’s vision was to establish a church that teaches the Bible in relevant and creative ways. A place where people can learn of God’s love for them and discover how a 2000 year-old book relates to their lives in a 21st Century world. This vision and the group of people soon outgrew the home.
They found the Courtyard Marriott in Miami Lakes was willing to rent their conference rooms on Sunday morning. Using one conference room for children’s church and the other for the main service Calvary Fellowship met there until two services in two over-packed rooms could no longer contain the church.

Just after their first anniversary, December of 2001, God led the church to Cobb Theatres on Main Street in Miami Lakes. At that time it was not common for a church to meet in this type of venue, but a theatre seemed to aptly fit this church that is known for trying new things. Calvary Fellowship met at the movie theatre until three Sunday services could no longer hold the church.

Today, Calvary Fellowship meets at Everglades High School in Miramar, a state of the art facility that adequately holds everyone who calls Calvary “home”. When asked about the future of the church, Pastor Bob says, “We are still doing the same thing we did when there was just seven of us. We are seeking to help people take next steps towards God. No matter where you are in relationship to God: you could be a fully committed follower of Jesus or someone who doesn’t have any kind of relationship with God. We all have a next step to take to get closer to God. We simply want to help you take yours.”